Tiny Sites
Small but Mighty

Get a beautiful one page website that showcases your brand, establishes credibility, and gives you ownership of your digital presence – without the big website price tag.

If you work with clients, you’ll love Tiny Sites.

They are perfect for:


Law Firms




* These are just a few examples of industries that benefit from having a tiny site. Don’t see your industry here? No worries! If you work with clients or customers, a Tiny Site can work for you.

I appreciate your artistic creativity and technical knowledge. You are a true artist in a very technical medium and I’m so glad you are using that talent to help less technically savvy people- like me!

Satu Ferentz

massage therapist

Yael is incredibly professional and kept our process moving along. Her services were invaluable in helping us develop and translate our vision for Good Work Partnership into this website.

Kathleen Lennard, Ed.D.


A Tiny Website
Fast, affordable, and flexible

Need a website to showcase your expertise and solidify your brand, but don’t have the time or budget for a complex, full-scale project?

Consider these key benefits.

Launch Fast

Get your business online in record time, so you can start attracting clients and building your brand right away.

Ready for Growth

Built on WordPress, your Tiny Site can easily expand as your business ambitions grow.

All Yours

Own your site outright, unlike drag-and-drop builders, giving you freedom and flexibility for the future.

Showcase Your Expertise

 Dive deeper into your services and demonstrate your unique value, establishing yourself as the go-to expert.

Serve Your Audience

Guide your social media networks to a website that reinforces your brand and lets you control the client experience.

Easy to Manage

Maintain your website with minimal tech knowledge, freeing up your time to focus on your business.

Quick, Easy, Hassle-Free

How Tiny Sites Work

Getting Started: Choose your design style and the essential sections to tell your story. Submit the intake form and schedule an initial consultation with me. If we decide to work together, a proposal and invoice will be sent, and we’ll get started on your Tiny Site.

The Human Touch: We’ll have an initial discovery call to understand your business goals and define your design preferences. A mid-project check-in ensures we’re aligned, and finally, we launch your Tiny Website together, answering any final questions. I’m with you every step of the way.

I Build It For You: Unlike DIY website builders that expect you to become an overnight expert, I take the hassle and complexity out of the equation. No need to wrestle with unfamiliar software or make tough design decisions. Focus on your business; I’ll craft a perfect online presence for you.

All within 7 days.

Premium Hosting: Your site is a self-hosted WordPress website, giving you complete ownership of your site. This requires hosting, so I provide secure, premium, VPS hosting built specifically for Wordpress websites.

$49 per month. Details on How this Works

Choose your design style

From the 5 available options.

Select your essential page sections

Your site comes with 8 customizable page sections. We’ll tailor them to showcase your unique offerings.

Complete the Intake Form

Submit the intake form and your $1500 payment and we’ll jumpstart your project with our first discovery call.

Start building your Tiny Site

You’ll follow my step-by-step guides to complete your prep work, then we will have an initial 1 hour discovery call.

Step-by-step walk through of the process

What’s included
in your tiny website

Your site comes with 8 custom page sections of your choice. I’ll tailor them to showcase your unique offerings. It also includes a simple, text based logo, content editing, on-page SEO, and Google Analytics setup.

Page Navigation

Hero Section



Social Feed (option)


Contact Form

Scheduling Form (option)

Newsletter Op-in (option)

Privacy & Cookie Policies

Social Media Links

Content Editing

On-page SEO

Google Analytics

Sitemap for search engines.

Ready to ditch the DIY Website Struggle?

Let’s Make Your Website Tiny (But Mighty) 

Other website builders force you to learn their software, struggle with design, and waste precious time. You’re focused on your business – not becoming a web designer.

Get your hassle-free website launched in just 7 days for only $1500.


Tiny Site Versus Do It Yourself Builders

Go Daddy

Site/Design Ownership

Proprietary – They Own It

Proprietary – They Own It

Proprietary – They Own It

One Time Payment and It’s All yours. You Own It.

Ease of Use

Easy start, learning curve, limited features.

Somewhat easy start, steep learning curve.

AI driven, easy start, difficult to customize.

No learning necessary. I do it for you.

Time to Build/Launch

Depends on how quickly you learn the software.

Depends on how quickly you learn the software.

Depends on how quickly you learn the software.

7 days


$16 – $54 Month (forever rent)

$14 – $49 Month (forever rent)

$6.99 – $49.99 Month (forever rent)

$1500 One Time Payment and You Own It


Included / Shared Environment

Included / Shared Environment

Included / Shared Environment

$49 Month, Blazing Fast, Secure, Virtual Private Servers

Number of Themes/Options




Custom for Your Business

Room For Growth





Responsive Design





Analytics & Reporting



Very Basic

As extensive as you need it to be.


Very difficult/Messy

Very difficult/Messy


Super easy.

Have questions?

Not sure if a Tiny Site is right for you? I’m here to answer any questions you may have.

Schedule a 15 minute chat on Zoom.


I’m Yael

Nice to meet you.

I’ve been creating meaningful online experiences for over 20 years. I’ve seen lots of trends come and go but one thing has remained constant — the absolute necessity to create meaning and connection for the visitor who lands on your website.

And you do this with well crafted words and visuals. Which just happens to be my specialty.

Need a bigger site? I do that too!


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